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Dental Wellness Center: Integrative care for the whole body

The Dental Wellness Center is Western Maryland’s first and only integrative dental practice. Described variously as holistic, alternative or biological care, integrative dentistry combines the best methods of conventional dentistry with scientifically sound, minimally invasive treatment options that promote whole-body health.

Do you have chronic neck and shoulder pain, earaches or headaches, trouble sleeping or breathing? These and other symptoms often relate directly to the health of your mouth, one of your body’s most direct interfaces with the environment (and, it follows, the health care system). It is a natural gateway for addressing many and various health issues that may arise from diet, medications, lifestyle and a host of other factors typically ignored by conventional dentistry.

Integrative care is considered a relatively new medical approach, even though it borrows from proven, age-old traditions when appropriate. From preventive therapy to cancer treatment, integrative care is transforming medicine for the better. Like many new things, it has its critics (often with vested interests in the status quo). And while we would agree that some integrative practitioners overreach, the same surely holds true in conventional medicine.

The Dental Wellness Center approach is based on credible, at times emergent science. We advocate for our patients, not dentistry. If that rubs the establishment the wrong way, so be it. The fact is, many new patients seek us out after disappointment with conventional treatments. Others are simply resigned to or unaware of chronic or potential problems routinely unaddressed conventionally. 

Dr. Marc DiNola and the Dental Wellness Center staff welcome patients of all ages. We accept most insurance plans and can offer financing in most cases. Be assured that we never pressure patients into treatment plans or product purchases.



"Excellent service with quality work.  Enough to have my entire family attend Dr. DiNola's office.  The staff is wonderful and very friendly.  I would definitely recommend my dentist!!"

Anjelica Aguilar, Cumberland, MD