Dental Implants

Dental Implants are utilized to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They can be utilized to stabilize entire dentures as well. At The Dental Wellness Center Dr. DiNola places the implant and also restores it with various prosthetics, such as crowns, bridges and overdentures. 

We can often do same day implants. Dental implants are a solution to many types of missing teeth problems. If you wish to eat your favorite foods, increase your chewing ability, and improve your speech and appearance, then you are a candidate for dental implants. It is one of the best ways to restore your natural smile and the results will last a lifetime.




























"Excellent service with quality work.  Enough to have my entire family attend Dr. DiNola's office.  The staff is wonderful and very friendly.  I would definitely recommend my dentist!!"

Anjelica Aguilar, Cumberland, MD