Dental Support

We have learned that a healthy mouth not only comes from proper hygiene but from proper nutrition.  Weston Price showed this through his extensive research while traveling around the world studying different cultures and customs.  He showed that a healthy diet of high-quality animal meat (grass fed and organic), fats and fresh produce can naturally protect the teeth from cavities and gum disease.  This diet also supports the growth of a wide jaw, which prevents the need for orthodontics.  This has become more and more of a problem through generations.

Although prevention is always best, we are able to support the healing process for our teeth and gums through nutrition.  By supporting our immune system, promoting healthy bacteria, replenishing our cells and lowering inflammation, the mouth can begin to heal.  This is also important pre- or post-surgery since surgery can be considered a stressor to the body.  Therefore, working with our nutrition counselor is of extreme importance in order to support a healthy mouth.

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