Are you suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain, earaches or headaches, or having trouble sleeping or breathing?

These and other health issues are often connected directly to the health of your mouth.

The mouth is the window into the body and is a natural gateway for addressing health issues stemming from diet, medications, lifestyle, and many other factors.

The Dental Wellness Center approach to care is based on sound and, at times, emergent science for treating common and hidden dental problems. We promote holistic health for people of all ages by looking at and listening to each, individual patient to understand how their oral conditions are affecting their whole body health.

Holistic Dentistry

A holistic dentist believes your teeth and oral structures are an integral part of your body and your overall health.

Mercury Free

We protect our patients, our team, and the environment during the removal process of mercury amalgam fillings.


Healing time, incidence of infection and pain are all greatly reduced, because of PRGF’s unique qualities.

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We accept most insurance plans and can offer financing in most cases, but we only recommend treatment plans that support our patients’ journeys to healthier, happier lives.

Meet Dr. DiNola

“When they made Dr. Marc DiNola they broke the mold. How many people would you trust to cut open your jaw or yank out your molars? Not many for me. Oy. But after three months of research, he is the one dentist I found I could trust to not only properly diagnose my cavitation problem (all four wisdom tooth sites), but also solve it. Dr. DiNola is gentle (I never felt any pain). He is smart, knowledgeable, patient, kind and funny (and so is his amazing staff who made me feel totally safe), and his surgical procedure had me feeling grounded, clear headed and soaring with energy. I never had to repeat this surgery like so many of my peers, but only had to go thru this once. Dr. DiNola and his staff are constantly learning new technologies and are open to new advances. It took me seven hours to drive to Cumberland, Maryland but it was worth every mile. Dr. DiNola is way ahead of his time. Five stars for him and his entire staff.”

Carolyn N.

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