Lucinda S.

Berkeley Springs, WV

I am almost 70 years old and I have never had any dental experience as nice and productive as I have at the Dental Wellness Center.

Nancy S.

Walkersville, MD

I highly recommend Dr DiNola and his wonderful staff to anyone experiencing issues with root canals, mercury, uncomfortable crowns or cavitations. Dr DiNola has helped me with all of these issues and always does a top notch job. He is an expert in his field, has a very warm and caring demeanor along with a fantastic, kind and caring staff. A healthy mouth is of utmost importance when seeking health for the entire body....5 Stars!

Carolyn N.

Seaford, NY

My brother and I drove seven hours to see Dr. DiNola because he's not just a dentist but a humanitarian saving lives. He is patient, fair, thorough, kind and most of all, highly skilled. I was totally at ease having four cavitation sites worked on before he extracted three molars from my brother's mouth, including one sick root canal and two other molars loaded with pus and other garbage and that included one hard to reach impacted wisdom tooth. We investigated dentists for months before making our decision to go with Dr. DiNola and his amazing team. This office is an advanced group of medical professionals and throughout five hours of difficult surgery, they all remained level-headed and cool as cucumbers. When Dr. DiNola's office manager and assistant Mandy first answered the phone she understood everything I inquired about--from PRF to pricing to cavitation and widsom tooth extractions. Five stars for this entire team of excellent professionals!!

Justin G.

Needmore, PA

Anyone that is looking for a Family Dentist, look no further than the Dental Wellness Center. Always efficient, fair and friendly! You'll leave feeling crisp, clean, and cared for and its located in a lovely an historic part of town with easy access to and from the highway. Cheers

A. Bills

Cumberland, MD

Dr. Dinola and his entire staff are great. Great attitudes and an overall great atmosphere. Dr. Dinola is up to date on the lastest technology and is always teeming with excitement!

Jane A.

Richmond, VA

I travel over four hours to see this man. There are only a few in the country with his knowledge.

Adam C.

Altoona, PA

Marc and the entire staff at Dental Wellness Center are just amazing. I had been suffering from a chronic illness for more than a decade and a half and Marc was able to pinpoint something that none of my other medical team had found, and in doing so he furthered my healing journey way more than I thought possible. I couldn't be more grateful for their kindness and care. Do yourself a favor... stop the suffering, stop the guessing, just go see them already!

Larry B.

Hagerstown, MD

Dr. Dinola and his entire staff provided me with a nearly painless dental experience. Mercury free and mercury safe are hallmarks of this practice. I had all my mercury (amalgam or sometimes called silver) fillings removed and replaced with safe, non toxic composite fillings. Well worth the drive to Cumberland, MD.

Joy A.

Worton, MD

Dr. DiNola is a compassionate biological dentist and an avid researcher in his quest to make a difference in oral-systemic health challenges. I have referred local and out of town clients to him for surgery who report being very pleased with both his admin and clinical team and, the most important thing, the outcome. Mandy, the office manager is beyond knowledgeable and helpful.

John H.

Everett, PA

This is truly a wellness center and wellness starts with your teeth. Just recently I had my teeth cleaned and along with the other work that has been performed (extractions etc.) this is the best dental work I have ever had.